Zotti: Wedding Photographer captures intimate wedding moment at sunset at the Tetherow Resort in Bend, Oregon.
April 17, 2020

5 Reasons Why Your Wedding Photographer Is So Important


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Wedding Planning

1: They are with you more than anyone else on your wedding day.

Real talk – you will see your photographer more on your wedding day than you will see your maid of honor, your mama, or your spouse. They will be with you capturing your precious moments all day long while everyone else is hustling and bustling to make your big day happen. With that said, it’s extremely important to make sure that your wedding photographer is someone you trust and vibe with. Pro Tip: it’s equally important that they’re someone who doesn’t know everyone at your wedding because it’s likely they’ll get distracted and miss key moments. (I even had my own sister hire a different photographer for her wedding for this very reason.)

2: They help you plan and prioritize.

A good photographer shows up the day of the wedding, takes pictures, and leaves. A GREAT photographer will build a relationship with you prior to your big day and will feel like your most trusted ally by the time your wedding day rolls around. They will help with location planning, choosing the best ceremony time for optimum lighting conditions, and help you prioritize your budget and figure out which shots are most imperative for you and your spouse to have forever.

3: They preserve your wedding.

The only thing you have once your wedding day is over, is your spouse, and your memories. Let me say it louder for the folks in the back: Once your day is over, your photos are all you have! Cell phone photos are OK, but professional photos are the only thing that’s going to transport you back to those moments once they’re gone. This is everything you guys! Your photographer makes it so you can travel back in time and revisit your wedding day over and over and over again. How cool is that?! 

4: They capture the stuff you miss.

You are going to hear this A LOT, but Imma say it again. Your wedding day will be one of the fastest days of your life – you are going to blink and it will be over. You will be pulled in a million different directions and you’re still going to somehow feel like you didn’t get to see everyone for long enough. You’re going to hear crazy stories about how your Great Aunt Sue did a legendary keg stand and you are going to wonder how in the heck you missed it! But guess what, your photographer will have a frame by frame of it all. You’ll get to relive the moments that you missed out on all because of your trusty wedding photographer.

5: They’re always looking out for you.

And last but not least, your wedding photographer has your back. As photographers, we have a keen eye for detail so when you come struttin’ out of the potty with TP stuck to your shoe, or when you have a boogie peakin’ outcha nose, we have your back. YOU are your photographers  top priority all day long and there is no way we are letting something embarrassing happen on our watch.

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